You're busy. A pro at juggling project deadlines, errands, care of loved ones. Not so good at the self care thing. And that's left you feeling like an old shoe. Worn out and barely functioning. Sure, you'd be on board with the whole self-care thing...if you only had time. If you're like many people, a typical day for you includes:

Waking up exhausted and dragging yourself out of bed

Shoving down junk food (and too much coffee) as you rush around

Downing painkillers to cope with body aches

Being cranky and easily agitated by everything and everyone

Eating when you're tired, not becuase you're hungry

Saying or doing things you regret later

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Not one more chore.


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Paula Yolles has 20+ years of holistic health and emotional wellness training to bring a non-judgemental openness to her coaching. Paula is trained in the Healer's Program, Empowerment Chakra Tapping Mastery, EFT Tapping, and is a Meal Garden Recipe Professional.

Megan Mazzocco is the author ofThe Sleep System: 28 Days to Better Sleep. Her integrative approach to your behaviors, habits and mindset surrounding sleep guides you to sleep renewal. As the leading predictor of wellbeing, quality of life and longevity, sleep eclipses nutrition and exercise in determing health.

Claire Oldham-West Claire Oldham West is a certified counselor, hypnotherapist, coach and podcaster. Her work helps you transform your outlook and replace limiting or harmful beliefs and patterns with ones that support your well being.

Dr. A'nna Roby is on a mission to empower you to nourish your body so that you can create a life they love. She's the only combined PhD, Registered Dietitian in the world. She founded Fueling Fierce, an evidence-based practice dedicated to help you stop dieting and use nutrition as a self-care tool.

Megan McCuen has 30 years of experience as a licensed Physical Therapist and Yoga Instructor. Her understanding of body systems and the ways they conncect to emotional and stress issues help you release toxins through stretches and movement.

James Clemmons is the Co-Founder of Freedom From Anger, LLC. He specializes in Anger & Stress Management education. He is certified by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) in both Anger Management & Domestic Violence, and the International Association of Counselors & Therapist (IACT) in Stress Management Consulting. Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, (CART).

Kelly Howe is the owner of Kelly Howe Coaching. She combines her knowledge of the human body with cutting edge mind-shifting techniques and modern psychology to help business owners and leaders ignite untapped potential. Specializing in a technique known as  EFT or "emotional freedom technique" she created a unique transformational system to quickly release stress and overwhelm, shift damaging limiting beliefs and unleash confidence and peak performance.

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Hear from wellness experts for 60 minute sessions on the following topics:

Ending emotional eating

Eliminating negative thought patterns with hypnotherapy

Setting healthy sleep habits

Rejuvenating and energizing nutrition strategies

Releasing stress and detoxing through movement

Anger Management


Hi, I'm Angela Mazzi. I'm an architect, firm owner, single mom to two teenagers, author, podcaster, and career coach. Suffice it to say, I know busy. Stress, burnout, and overwhelm used to be my BFF's too. Until I had my own crisis a few years back. My kids were still young and I was coping with caring for my dying parents, a toxic workplace, and s dynfunctional marriage. I remember literally feeling like a robot who was short circuiting. So numb, completely unconnected from my body and emotions.

Reclaiming my well being meant embracing that self care is not selfish. It's what's led me to be the healthy and high performing woman I am today. When you take care of yourself, you have so much more to give back to your family, community, the world. I founded Architecting, a community of people who believe in claiming success on their terms, without the stress.

I brought together these wellness experts to offer what I know busy people need: easy to remember and do strategies. Strategies that give you more energy, revitalized creativity and help you feel positive emotionally. It's time to reclaim your well being!

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A healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be hard to maintain

In just one hour, you can learn so much. Each 60 minute call will help you feel more centered and relaxed. More comfortable about taking time for you. Listen again and again and really form a new habit around each of these topics. Imagine having more energy, being more productive and more present for the important people in your life. You'll have lifetime access to a course portal.

All for $100 USD or three payments of $35 USD



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